10 Words of Wisdom

The International Women’s Day Speed Mentoring and Networking Luncheon was a great success! Thank you to everyone that attended and an even greater thank you to our mentors who kindly shared their personal success stories and inspirational advice. The mentors shared their empowering experiences on what it takes to be successful. Here are their top 10 Words of Wisdom.

Be ambitious

1.     Be ambitious

We all need goals and ambitions and we need to have the tenacity to actually reach them. Achieving your goals will give you the confidence and satisfaction to keep up your drive.

2.     Be brave

Take every chance to stretch your boundaries. Recognise your limitations by challenging yourself all the time and then expand on your limits – they’re only limits that you have set yourself!

Don’t be frightened of taking difficult decisions or of finding out complicated information. Many people find finance complicated but if it’s important for you to understand, be brave, and learn about it. Don’t default difficult information and decisions to other people when you can do it yourself. Everything you learn will help you on your journey.

3.     Be dedicated

Be dedicated to your studies. The grade you get at university will be your grade forever so focus on making sure that you’re doing everything you can to achieve the best grade that you can.

Whatever career you end up with, make sure you love what you do. Money will follow if you love what you do. Your passion will extend to all aspects of work and you will succeed.

4.     Be open-minded

Keep a positive attitude and an open mind. No business wants to employ people that are difficult. Stay positive and don’t allow stress to wear you down. Never allow your emotions to betray you – be cool, keep calm, keep the focus, and keep going!

Start thinking more laterally, don’t limit yourself. Enjoy working with people who are better than you. You can learn something from everyone so don’t be scared of it; appreciate being able to learn from them.

5.     Be flexible

Take opportunities – the best chances you get in your career usually come unexpectedly so be flexible and be open to change. Be pragmatic and adaptable. If you embrace change, you work with it rather than against it and in doing so, you will be supporting those around you who will in turn support you.

Remember there is another life outside of your work environment and that’s volunteering. Volunteering can give you a lot of personal satisfaction for giving back to the community. It also provides a great platform for personal development and learning.

6.     Be confident

Believe in yourself. We’ve all got that idea that we can only go so far but everyone is capable of so much more. Confidence is an issue that affects everyone so just put on a brave face and get out there! Your confidence will be reflected in your work.

7.     Be inquisitive

Keep challenging yourself, you can achieve more than you believe you can. Every problem is a learning experience and you need to think of yourself as being on a journey all the time and not just reaching a destination. It’s not just about what you’re learning now, it’s about life-long learning.

Embrace every opportunity for personal development and seek continuous improvement. Help others on your journey and don’t forget that they will help you too.

8.     Be focused

Being successful is a mind-set – it’s about how you think and it’s solution-driven. Keep the focus and continuously improving skills that make you employable. Skills are more important than titles. Focus on developing your skills and focus on finding solutions.

9.     Be realistic

Pick your battles and don’t get overwhelmed by trying to perfect every aspect of your life at the same time. Throw yourself wholeheartedly into one thing at a certain period of your life, you won’t necessarily have the perfect social life, relationships and career all at the same time but don’t get discouraged by that. You will achieve it all at some point!

10.   Be yourself

Be true to yourself. Don’t worry about what other people think, do what is good for you.

When it comes down to it, it’s all about you. You need to be proactive and ask for that next job and for that pay rise. To make a difference, you need to be the one that makes it.

By Che Cheung