StartUP Lab Summer Programme


20th JUNE – 28th JULY 2016

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This year the Brunel Innovation Hub in collaboration with Startdoms, the Virtual Startup Accelerator, has decided to offer a unique opportunity to its students. For the first time we will make available a 6-week summer online programme on How to Start and Launch Your Business.

During the summer you will get the opportunity to create a product or service that could become commercially viable. You will be introduced to Lean startup methodology and learn about how to build a business around the product/service you are creating. You will get to find out what customers want and how to create a product/ service that will succeed in the market – all from the comfort of your own home!

StartUP Lab will help you create a product/ service that customers will love. This is not a case of ‘build it and they will come’. Usually, people spend thousands or millions to build something that nobody wants. As you are developing the right product, you will be testing it with your customers. Effectively, you will co-create it with the customer’s help.

Every week you will be guided through videos to complete activities that will take your startup idea to the next stage. The tasks will not be graded. You just need to complete them as best as you can, in order to better understand your business model.

You will also be assigned a personal startup mentor. Your mentor will take you through the process one step at a time. They will give you guidance and a helping hand whenever it is necessary. By the end of the programme you will have explored your business idea, and you will get the opportunity to pitch it in front of investors for the chance to receive a £1000 startup grant.

Most importantly, you will acquire basic entrepreneurial skills, including (more) emotional intelligence, tenacity, flexibility, foresight and many others. This is going to be a truly life changing experience.

What’s the deal?

StartUP Lab offers an amazing opportunity for learning about how to turn your idea into a business. On top of all the knowledge and skills you get:

  • Opportunity to win £1,000 startup grant for your business idea
  • Professional mentors
  • Flexible learning which can fit around work and other commitments

Who can apply?

You can apply if you are:

  • A current or past student of Brunel University London
  • Looking to explore a new idea
  • Testing the market
  • Launching a new product or service

Apply now!

Deadline to apply – Monday June 13th 2016.

If you want to find out more about the programme, you can contact We will provide answers to all of your questions and the help you need to start.

StartUP Lab Online Programme Structure

StartUP Lab Launch June 20th: Join us for a free networking lunch to celebrate the launch of the StartUP Lab summer programme and to get to know your mentors and fellow students, followed by an orientation session to kick start your summer of entrepreneurship.

Week 1 June 20th – 24th: Lean principles and Lean Canvas.

During this online session, you will reset your thinking and begin to understand the entrepreneurial mind-set. You will learn how to create a lean canvas for your business, something you will repeat and develop weekly.

Week 2 June 28th – July 1st 2016: Customer discovery in person and online.

You will learn how to identify your customers through interviews or social media. The purpose is to identify a real problem that you will resolve. At this point you are not supposed to sell anything, but to research customers and continue conducting interviews throughout the programme.

Week 3 July 4th – 8th 2016: MVP.

This week, you will need to create a Minimum Viable Product so that you can test it in front of the customers. You will learn how to build a product/ service according to what the customers need and this will be your main assignment and you will get support from your mentors.

Week 4 July 11th – 15th 2016: Customer Validation and Unique Value Proposition.

UVP is essential but it takes time to be refined. This week will be focused on understanding what the UVP of your business is and then getting ready to sell your product or service. This will give you the validation you need to proceed. If you do not get validation, you will need to redefine and refine your problem/solution fit.

Week 5 July 18th – 22nd 2016: Lean Marketing.

Lean Marketing is all about identifying the right marketing channels and cutting down on waste. It is very early to put together any marketing strategy. However, you will start exploring different marketing avenues so that you can reach your customers and your mentors will assess and give advice on your results.

Week 6 July 25th – 28th: Executive Summary and Pitch.

You will learn how to create a 2-page executive summary and also advised on how to make a short 5-minute pitch to prepare you to present your findings to judges on 28th July.

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