Student Business: LVCX

1LVCX is a London based streetwear brand that aims to provide young people with a broader choice in how they express themselves via what they wear. LVCX relies on its principles of simplicity, diversity and originality to tell a story about the brand and interact individually with young people. Produced in Europe, the brand is committed to maintain a high standard of quality for each item created.


We are proud to associate LVCX with “BLACK” as a color. Meaning that everything we do is a mean to reflect the color black: black is usually perceived as never being out of fashion, being fashionable regardless the season and matching with anything.

“Be original”

“Everybody dies but not everybody lives”

We support young people who aim to be original by tirelessly working towards their dreams and refusing to live an ordinary life. Some people are just content in breathing whereas others are focused in working towards their goals, experiencing adventures and celebrating success.

Mission Statement

More than selling products we want to provide ideologies and inspire young people to discontinue living a monotonous life. Hence, LVCX is committed to show the advantages of doing something different and impressive, by setting an example. We believe that “being original” goes beyond fashion as we defend that it involves working towards your dreams and striving for success.

By Che Cheung