StartUP Lab Pitch – Winners Announced!

This summer, the Innovation Hub piloted an intensive 6-week online programme in collaboration with Startdoms which taught students about the Lean Business Canvas and gave students the exciting opportunity to pitch for three £1,000 startup bursary prizes. Students consolidated what they learnt from the video tutorials through practical tasks each week which aimed to motivate the StartUP Labbers to take their first steps towards bringing their business ideas to life.

“It has been a fun and challenging experience in terms of developing my idea further. It has developed in terms of the concept and I learnt a lot through the experience.” – Stephen Ao


Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

The Innovation Hub collated the scores from the panels and the three highest scoring candidates will be awarded £1,000 each to go towards their startup businesses. The three esteemed winners of the startup bursary prizes are: Olumide Ogunlola, Ehab Sayed, and Denis Pavon.

The calibre of pitches was very high and as a result, the Innovation Hub will also be giving a first runner up prize of £300 to Jonathan Marcantel and two second runner up prizes of £100 to Cil Poon and Yasemen Kaner-White.


Olumide Ogunlola – Vorganise


Vorganise specialises in using electronic paper and internet connectivity to enhance user experience in different environments, providing an all-in-one package for digital signage. Electronic paper provides a unique paper-like display which can be updated effortlessly in seconds, perfect for digitising menus or exhibition signs.

“[StartUP Lab] has been interesting and I have learned some interesting skills.” – Olumide Ogunlola

Ehab Sayed – Biohm


Biohm is a research and development led company offering sustainable architecture and construction. They are currently developing their pioneering initial product, ‘Triagomy’ – a panel-based construction system that does not require binding materials, additional fixtures or fasteners to create durable robust structures.

“[StartUP Lab gave me] support and advice every step of the way. Amazing opportunities were presented to entrepreneurs.” – Ehab Sayed

Denis Pavon – Kali Coffee


Kali Coffee offers high quality ground coffee in convenient coffee bags akin to tea bags so you can simply pour and go – anytime, anywhere. They also offer a variety of flavours to satisfy the need of sophisticated customers and new market trends.

“I have improved my business model through mentors, classes and Vestd. Also, I practiced some business pitching.” – Denis Pavon

Runner Ups

Jonathan Marcantel – GradSure


GradSure is a student peer-to-peer marketplace that will offer the opportunity to buy, sell and rent unused items and skills that students have to offer, such as tutoring. GradSure’s ‘Cohort Connect’ service will host and arrange peer-to-peer meetings between students on campus to enhance their academic ability and to find others with similar interests.

“The course has allowed me to understand strategically the progression of a business and how to effectively target your customers.” – Jonathan Marcantel

Cil Poon – Find Me Merlin


Find Me Merlin aims to be an augmented reality map app which will help locate and provide useful details to customers. For example, the app will show queue times when you use the app in the vicinity of a ride in a theme park like Thorpe Park.

“They allowed me to take part in competitions that have helped me see what I need to think of to bring this idea forward.” – Cil Poon


Yasemen Kaner-White – Parmuto

DSC_0012 Yasemen aims to launch a high end dairy-free spread targeted at healthy, image conscious, affluent foodies. The spread will be a utilitarian, energy-boosting product that is made up of two dairy, sugar, and preservative free natural products.

“[StartUP Lab] helped me to focus.” – Yasemen Kaner-White



A massive well done to all the StartUP Labbers who pitched on Thursday 28th July!

The judges were very impressed by all your ideas and hard work! There were some fantastic pitches and some students even brought in their prototypes and samples.

Special thanks for coming in to pitch: Giovanni Rubino, Arjang Amini, Amar Hayer, Maryan Mussa, Ruiqi Zhang, Parand Mojabi, Oluwatobi Alabi, Elisa Alexieva. Leo Balkwill, Ashton Jones-Obikpo, Stephen Ao.

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By Che Cheung