5 Tips for a Successful Site

It was great to have Google Digital Garage at Brunel University London for Global Entrepreneurship Week last month! Over 100 students, staff and alumni learnt about how to ‘Get Stuck into Digital’ and to ‘Reach New Customers Online’ at two fantastic workshops delivered by Google Digital expert, Dave Ray.

The Google Digital Garage is an online training platform to assist in growth of businesses, careers and confidence, online. Google Digital Garage has helped over 200,000 businesses to develop digital skills, free of charge!


Missed the event? Don’t worry, we’ve put together an infographic from some of the workshop content to give you 5 Tips for a Successful Site!


  1. Identify Purpose/Goal

    What is your website’s goal? Make sure you are clear on the purpose of your website. Do you want visitors to share your website? Do you want people to buy your products?

  2. Make Content Simple

    Break up long paragraphs and use bullet points when appropriate. Simple content is easier to digest and will retain the reader’s attention.

  3. Calls to Action

    Make sure you have a strong call to action! What do you want your visitor to do? ‘Buy now’, ‘Subscribe’ or ‘Download our guide’?

  4. Fast Loading

    Make sure your site loads quickly. You can check your page loading speed and also get tips on how to speed up your website at:

  5. Prioritise Mobile

    Optimise your website for different devices. It’s so important to make your website mobile-friendly – 35% of people look for product information on their smartphones weekly and 19% purchase products/services on their smartphones! In 2015, 65% of people accessed the internet via their smartphone at least as often as computer.

Mobile Design Tips


  • Have prominent calls to action
  • Keep menus short
  • Have clear navigation links
  • Condense form fills


  • Make users pinch & zoom

By Che Cheung