Ehab Sayed – At the Mayor Of London Entrepreneur Competition 2017

We would like to Congratulate MSc Intergrated Product Design student Ehab Syed who was successfully shortlisted for the Mayor’s Entrepreneur 2017 competition.

His business idea: “Triagomy” is an interlocking construction system that can create affordable buildings in 8% of current build-times and reduce their environmental impact by up to 90%. It allows buildings to be deconstructed and reconstructed at any stage of their life; eliminating demolition and making recycling and reuse an easier process. – Find out more about it here

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Ehab was selected from over 500 entries to pitch to a panel of judges for a chance to win £20,000. The event, which took place on Monday 20 March, saw students from different universities across the country presenting their innovative ideas to help create a sustainable future for London. After a fantastic competition, this year’s prize was awarded to the student startup Twipes from City University London.

This was the third consecutive year for Brunel to have a finalist in the competition, with Carlton Cummins reaching the 2016 finals and Solveiga Pakstaite winning in 2015. If you’ve got a great business idea, find out about the support available for budding entrepreneurs on the Innovation Hub website.

Q & A with Ehab Sayed

 (1)    How was your experience at the Mayors Entrepreneur competition 2017?

170320-MoL-Entrepreneur-17-1015-1024x684The Mayor’s Entrepreneur competition was an incredible experience and I would like to sincerely thank the competition’s team for their help, support and encouragement throughout the process. The workshops and training sessions in the run-up to the event were incredibly helpful and have offered great tips that I will be using in future pitches and other endeavours. I have learned a considerable amount about my concept and approach to pitching and have met some great people in the networking events surrounding the competition.

(2)    What would you say to anyone considering applying next year?

I would say that no matter what stage you are at in starting a company or refining your great idea, you should definitely apply! Becoming a finalist or even just attending the applicant workshops can offer an invaluable experience and open so many doors. It is an excellent networking opportunity for any student or entrepreneur and the competition team work to ensure that you get the best out of your participation.

(3)    What are you planning to do next?

I have recently submitted and led a multi-million pound bid to an Innovate UK competition including three universities, Brunel, Queen Mary and Northumbria, and four other SMEs including last year’s Mayor’s Entrepreneur Finalist from Brunel Carlton Cummins’ Project Aceleron and Brunel PhD student Thomas Fudge’s Wase.
In the meantime I will be working on life-size prototypes of Triagomy and continue to develop the concept with the resources and facilities available to me whilst continuing to apply for more competitions and funding opportunities.

By Sasha Chard