Outlook Industries

Luke Townsend is a Brunel MA student. He joined the VENTURE 2014 program run by Brunel Innovation Hub in order to advance his business idea to the next stage.

As early as 1997 Luke became frustrated with the artificial barriers thrown up during video and computer games. Players operate within a box with defined boundaries and there seemed no way to get around it. Making the box bigger was not a solution and creating a rolling system of new boxes as the player steps over a boundary was unsatisfactory and disrupted game play.

In 2006 the technology became available to overcome this and make it possible to stand players on a globe, removing the boundaries. This was a solution but was still limited. Luke decided to develop his idea but needed money and expertise to do this.

2008 – Luke gathered together a team of like-minded gamers and spent a long weekend thrashing out the problem. They cobbled together a limited working version of a game, however there were still major problems. They needed someone who understood physics and could help his coders understand and deal with various issues that the new game system was highlighting. Even without this they got a working level and created the backdrop for what was to become a fully-fledged PC game in years to come.

In 2009 Luke joined the British Army. After his first tour of Afghanistan he went on a course and spent his downtime learning 3D modelling whilst everyone else went home!

Finally Luke joined the Masters course as Brunel University London and in April 2014 signed up to the VENTURE programme. He was successful in his pitch for funding and has used a £5k award to pay for code, employ a coding expert, hire an artist and between them they have now cracked the problem.

Luke now has:

  • 3D models of players
  • Working gravity (no small feat!)
  • No boundaries
  • Fully functional buildings
  • Artist drawn skins for 1 of 4 teams

He now needs to finish off the artists skins, furnish the playing environment and just as importantly get players involved. The ‘Universal Conquest’ will be released on STEAM in the near future.

Meanwhile he is already working on another game involving survival on an ice planet…