Access to Experts

Professional Clinics

The Innovation Hub has organised free advice from professionals in Marketing, IP and Finance/ Accounting to provide guidance and advice to entrepreneurial students.
You can choose to meet and discuss  with these professionals over the Phone, Skype or by Email.

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Minal Patel

A marketer with 15 years’ experience who   Minal081
wants to help businesses that want to focus
on their marketing, but aren’t able to hire a
permanent marketing manager just yet.


Mark Newbold

An accountant from Kingston Smith.  mark newbold
Kingston Smith is a top 20 UK audit and
accountancy firm that give business owners,
charities and private clients all the support they
need to achieve their goals.


 Chris Hayes hyaes d.png

An expert from Lewis Silkin Solicitors to
provide IP guidance and advice to entrepreneurial
students . He specialises in intellectual property law and advise on all aspects of IP, including licensing, ownership
and exploitation of IP.

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