Lord Mayor of London’s Entrepreneur Competition – Past Brunel Successes

The Mayor’s Entrepreneur Competition 2017 has launched and is giving student entrepreneurs the opportunity to win £20,000 to turn their smart idea into reality!

Brunel University London has entered some top notch ideas to the Mayor of London’s Entrepreneur Competition in previous years, now it’s YOUR turn!

Solveiga Pakštaitė – Bump Mark

5uogk55zIn 2015, Solveiga Pakštaitė won the £20,000 prize to develop her invention, the Bump Mark. The Bump Mark was created to help inform visually impaired consumers about when their food expires. The Bump Mark uses gelatin to model the decay process of food. When it’s smooth, the food is good, but as the gelatin breaks down, you start to feel bumps, which means the food is starting to go off. A patent is pending for this innovative food expiry label and her team are working to research and develop this product to market.

Carlton Cummins – Aceleron

161-3686575-profileIn 2016, Carlton Cummins placed 2nd out of 256 entrants in the Mayor of London’s Low Carbon Competition with Aceleron. Aceleron have designed sustainable, scalable hardware to transform end of life batteries from consumer electronics and vehicles into safe energy storage for other applications. A patent has been filed for the assembly hardware when prototypes were tested and proven. Carlton recently won a £5,000 grant in July’s Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Award and is continuing to trial and develop his innovation.

Got a smart idea? Come along to an Information Event at Brunel to hear from an expert from City Hall about how to enter the competition and how to make the most of your application!